Please tick the corresponding boxes if you want to or will attend the named activities.

    The following is FOR ALL ATTENDANTS of this meeting (all ESRS board members, ANSS-EC-members and all presidents or their representatives including accompanying persons):

    Afternoon Meeting Friday at Grand Hotel Union (Lunch with one soft drink)Welcome reception on Friday evening at Town HallDinner at Strelec Restaurant, Ljubljana CastleOvernight stay at Grand Hotel Union
    Program for accompanying person
    Guided tour WALKING TOUR OF LJUBLJANA OLD TOWNWelcome reception on Friday evening at Town Hall (no additional costs for accompanying person)Dinner at Strelec Restaurant, Ljubljana CastleOvernight stay at Grand Hotel Union

    Full day Meeting Saturday at Grand Hotel Union (Full day catering incl. 2 x Coffee Break and Lunch with one soft drink)Gala Dinner on Saturday evening at Restaurant 1906, BledOvernight stay at Grand Hotel Union
    Program for accompanying person
    Guided tour WALKING TOUR OF PLEČNIK'S LJUBLJANAGuided tour FOOD TOUR LJUBLJANAGala Dinner on Saturday evening at Restaurant 1906, BledOvernight stay at Grand Hotel Union

    I will pay accompanying person costs by proforma invoice before the annual ANSS Meeting begins.

    Additional costs

    May 7

    9:00 – 10:30 ANSS ongoing projects
    Chair: Morten Engstrøm
    Telemedicine – Oana Deleanu (20 min)
    Pediatric Sleep – Barbara Stražišar (20 min)
    Beyond Boundaries – Samson Khachatryan (20 min)
    Daylight Saving Time around the world – Barbara Stražišar (10 min)
    National Sleep Survey – Lyudmila Korostovtseva (20 min)

    10:30 Coffee break

    11:00 – 12:30 News and hot topics
    Chair: Ysbrand van der Werf
    Keynote lecture: Telemedicine in sleep: state of the art and perspective – Christoph
    Schöbel (30 min)
    Questions and Discussion (10 min)
    Postgraduate Sleep Master – Claudio Bassetti (15 min)
    French Sleep consortium (INSERM) – Pierre Philippe (15 min)
    Sleep Revolution – Erna Sif Arnardottir (15 min)
    New ideas – Everyone (5 min)

    12:30 Lunch

    13:30 – 14:30 Update from the ESRS
    Chair: Samson Khachatryan
    Summary of ESRS activities and plans – Pierre-Hervé Luppi (20 min)
    Sleep Medicine Committee – Dirk Pevernagie (20 min)
    Discussion (20 min)

    14:30 – 15:30 ANSS / ESRS collaboration and proposals
    Chair: Oana Claudia Deleanu
    Lifetime achievement award – Ysbrand van der Werf and Pierre-Hervé Luppi (20 min)
    Flagship project – open table with all representatives (20 minutes)
    Brainstorm – open table with all representatives (20 min)

    15:00 Coffee break

    15:30 – 16:20 Meet the sponsors
    Chairs: Barbara Stražišar
    Philips Respironics (40 min)
    Bioprojet (10 min)

    16:20 – 17:10 ANSS Business meeting
    (Industry and ESRS board cannot attend)
    Chair: Ysbrand van der Werf
    Finances and membership of the ANSS – Morten Engstrøm (10 min)
    2023 Next ANSS meeting – presentations and vote (20 min)
    Composition of the EC (20 min)

    17:10 Closing

    17:30 Guided tour. Be ready at the lobby for bus trip for tour and dinner.

    20:30 Gala dinner
    Awards for 3 best national presentations

    Accompanying program

    Enjoy the lively rhythms of Ljubljana in 2 Days! Ljubljana, the colorful and picturesque capital of Slovenia, is a must-visit.

    FRIDAY, MAY 6, 2022


    A guided tour will take you through the historical city center of Ljubljana to explore all the major
    sights and get to know the city’s history, art, architecture, and way of life in the past and present.
    From the Prešernov trg square, dominated by the Franciscan Church and connected to the Triple
    Bridge, you will head towards Plečnik’s Market and the Cathedral and take the funicular ride to the
    Ljubljana castle. The tour will continue in the heart of the city, which will lead you to the Town Hall
    and the Robba Fountain, cross the Cobblers’ Bridge, pass the National and University Library, and to
    the Congress Square.

    Meeting point: Lobby of the Grand Hotel Union at 15:00
    Duration: 2 hours
    Price: 30,00 EUR per person
    * The price includes a return funicular ride to Ljubljana Castle

    SATURDAY, MAY 7, 2022


    Get to know the creative opus and life of the greatest Slovenian architect, Jože Plečnik, whose
    masterpieces are now part of UNESCO’s World Heritage List. A guided tour of downtown Ljubljana
    provides exclusive insight into his achievements, great vision, and countless interesting architectural
    Jože Plečnik (1872 – 1957), a native and lifelong resident of Ljubljana, is considered one of the
    world’s most influential pioneers of modern architecture. His creative opus significantly impacted the
    appearance of three Central European cities: Vienna, Prague, and especially his beloved Ljubljana.
    The imprint that Plečnik left on Ljubljana is so distinctive and ineradicable that Plečnik’s Ljubljana as a
    unique urban specialty is one of the most original and significant total works of art of the 20th
    century to be found anywhere in the world.

    Meeting point: Lobby of the Grand Hotel Union at 10:00
    Duration: 2,5 hours
    Price: 30,00 EUR per person

    FOOD TOUR LJUBLJANA – Experience Ljubljana with your taste buds

    Get a taste of traditional Slovenian cuisine to eat and drink like a local – with a local guide.

    Discover the best local food and delicious wines from 24 gastronomy regions and three wine regions,
    learn about Slovenian traditions and explore the city’s rich cultural heritage. This food tour will
    introduce you to the creme de la crop of Slovenian’s most famous and mouth-watering dishes.

    Are you ready to dive into the rich history of traditional Slovenian dishes? On tour, you’ll try
    specialties from Prekmurje, like Prekmurska šunka with European protected designation of origin,
    cheese, and other homemade delicatessens at the central market designed by famous architect Jože
    Plečnik. You’ll also have a chance to indulge in the famous Carniolan Sausage and the most
    representative wine of the Dolenjska region, Cviček.

    The journey will also include a stop at a small shop, where you’ll get the chance to try pumpkin oil
    and some other spiced-up oils, and different famous Slovenian kinds of honey. The last stop will be a
    special place amongst the restaurants in Ljubljana. It is part of an organization that helps adults with
    disabilities to gain work and social skills. And as this is a Food Tour, food also brings a lot of joy here,
    and we’ll try another must in the wide variety of traditional Slovenian dishes that goes by the name
    Idrijski žlikrofi. It might be hard to pronounce, but it’s a delight to taste.

    We would be happy to see you hungry joining the tour since there will be enough dishes to satisfy
    the whole meal, including tasting different Slovenian wines.

    Meeting point: Lobby of the Grand Hotel Union at 13:00
    Duration: 3,5 hours
    Price: 60,00 EUR per person

    May 6

    13:00 Lunch at the hotel

    14:15 – 14:30: Meeting opening remarks
    Ysbrand van der Werf

    14:30 – 16:00 National Sleep Societies presentations
    Chair: Peter Young
    Updates, projects, developments for every Society: (5 min each; timed!)

    16:00 – 16:30 Coffee break

    16:30 – 18:00 National Sleep Societies presentations (continued)
    Chair: Oana Deleanu

    18:30 – 20:00 Social program TBD

    20:30 Welcome dinner at Ljubljana Castle

    Social program

    For a good balance of work and pleasure, we’ll spice up the free time with some fantastic culinary
    experiences and leisure time for networking and sharing knowledge. In Ljubljana, expect unexpected
    but most of all, expect colorful and diverse cuisine.

    FRIDAY, MAY 6, 2022

    Short guided tour of Ljubljana.
    Meeting point: Lobby of the Grand Hotel Union at 18:30 
    Dresscode: Casual smart

    Reception in the Town Hall of Ljubljana with the Mayor, Mr. Zoran Jankovic

    Mayor of Ljubljana, Mr. Zoran Jankovic, is welcoming you at the Town Hall, and as he likes to say, in
    the world’s most beautiful town. We’ll make a toast and admire Ljubljana Town Hall, also known as
    Rotovž or Magistrat, located at the Town Square in the city center close to Ljubljana Cathedral.  
    Reception starts at 19:30
    Dresscode: Casual smart

    Dinner at Strelec Restaurant

    The Strelec Restaurant, located in Ljubljana Castle’s picturesque Shooters’ Tower, offers an
    experience of authentic historical ambiance coupled with top-quality Slovenian cuisine combining the
    best of the past and present. The restaurant’s menu, created by the renowned chef Igor Jagodic and
    his team, includes, among other things, a choice of unconventional ‘castle dishes’ with a hint of
    medieval cuisine.

    More about.

    Dinner starts at 20:30
    Dresscode: Casual smart

    SATURDAY, MAY 7, 2022

    Short guided tour of Bled. 
    Meeting point: Lobby of Grand Hotel Union at 18:00
    Dresscode: Casual smart

    Reception at the Bled Castle with the Mayor of Bled, Mr. Janez Fajfar 

    To enjoy the view of the iconic Bled island, we’ll head up to the Bled Castle, where the Mayor of Bled, Mr. Janez Fajfar, will greet you. Prepare for some breathtaking views from a castle with a fairytale quality and a 1000-year history. 

    Reception starts at 19:30
    Dresscode: Casual smart

    Dinner at Restaurant 1906 at Hotel Triglav Bled

    The name of the hotel’s restaurant, “1906,” derives from historical facts; this was the year the hotel
    was built and the train connection between Bled and Trieste constructed. Today, restaurant 1906
    with its chef, Aleš Fende, presents a leading force in the town’s culinary experiences, reviving traditional dishes with a modern twist.

    More about.

    Dinner starts at 20:30
    Dresscode: Casual smart